“A dark dot appears on the edge of the horizon. It is a ship carrying its crew to the New World. Consider now how this ship looks to the Native American gazing out to the sea. He has never seen anything like it in his life. He cannot associate this shape with something he has no knowledge of.

Then if he cannot see the ship, what does he see?”



#WhatDoYouSee? is a series of digitally transformed watercolour paintings. Their symmetrical structure encourages the mind to see patterns and form associations.

The title is intended as a question, to either ask yourself or your friends. The series are a form of social art: they are best experienced with someone near you, with whom you can discuss your observations. Ask your friend what they see, and try to imagine seeing the same thing.

Every painting starts on traditional watercolour paper (200-250g), using a variety of paints including watercolour blocks, liquid watercolour and acrylic paint. When the first part is done, the paper is scanned and mirrored, juxtaposing colours and shapes, and the colours are inverted, creating a cosmic dark background. Finally, the colours are tweaked until the end result is attained.

Independent, yet invariably tied to our culture and uprising, these paintings pose but one question: what do you see?


The #WhatDoYouSee? series have been exhibited as part of the Kunstenal art route in Bruges, Belgium (4 May – 16 September 2018).