I am Alexander Atlesque (aka Alexander Van Maele), a self-taught multidisciplinary artist living in Bruges, Belgium.

While mainly working in photography and web design, I also compose music, write articles and paint.

Besides my art, I am a strong advocate of healthy lifestyles for artists. I am developing a new project where I interview artists and provide inspirational content for all creatives.

About my work

The name Atlesque comes from the Latin word Altus meaning high, deep, noble or profound. To me it also stands for freedom and energy. I believe every person holds unexplored depths. Sometimes we oppress these, refusing to believe in our potential. My work explores these depths and encourages the viewer to take part in their own exploration.

My main work is called the #WhatDoYouSee? series: a collection of digitally-edited watercolour paintings. They are characterised by their neon colours, mirrored looks and cosmic dark backgrounds. They work like a Rorschach test by asking the audience what they see, thereby triggering their mind to recognise patterns. The series are an example of social art: work meant to be discussed with others. When sharing what we see, we motivate others to try and explore our depths and use their imagination to see something similar.

With my work, I prove that no matter how we may doubt our own creativity, we are always able to shift our mind and use our imagination.

We are all more profound than we think.


Post-Fossiel Gent: Gent zonder Fossiele Brandstoffen

18 – 28 May 2018 @ NEST, Gent, Belgium


4 May – 16 September 2018 @ De Snuffel, Brugge, Belgium


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